Apollo 8

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Original registration information is below. To register for a late medal, please scroll down and select the blue "Register Now" button. After you register YOU MUST REPORT a finish time by March 20 in order to earn a medal. Late registration medals will be sent March 26.

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It has been 50 years since we first landed on the Moon and we're celebrating with a multi-race event that will span the next several years! First up is the 50th Anniversary of Man's first orbit of the Moon with Apollo 8.

Upcoming events will celebrate the Apollo 8-13 missions stretching into the summer of 2020. Priority will be given to those that sign up for all events, so don't delay - sign up now!

We're honored to be partnering with Celestron again for our Space Race Series.

Race Date

December 21-27, 2018





Shirt/Bib Info & Deadlines

  • Register by November 27 & your shirt and/or printed bib will arrive by December 21
  • Register after November 27 and your shirt and/or printed bib will not ship until Mid-January

We will place two shirt orders for this event — one before and one after. Everyone that registers for a shirt and/or bib will get one - regardless of whether you finish your race. ALL SHIRTS HAVE THE SAME IMPRINT - both front and back!

*Note: registrations are a la carte, so you get to choose what swag you want

Finisher Medal Info & Deadlines

Only those that register for a medal will get one, AND only if they report a finish time. Medals will start to ship shortly after the event (early 2019), but only to those that report their time. The last day to report your finish time is January 20, 2019.

Add On Options


We are also providing our usual customized printed bibs for this event PLUS you can also get a cool NASA inspired patch with the race data. Either of these can be added once you make your registration option selection.

Important Info

The official race day is as listed above. Registration will be open through that day as supplies last.

To maintain the spirit of traditional events, we believe a finisher reward should be earned by finishing the race. We verify that you finished by requiring that you report your time to your account. If you do not report, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REWARD.

As far as we’re concerned, race day is as listed above and we anticipate that most people will race that day - BUT - the advantage of having a virtual race is you can do it when and where works best for you. So it’s up to you. Because we strive to honor the tradition of in-person races, you’ll receive messages as if that is race day for you, but just know that we’re okay with it if you need to do something different.

A portion of each registration will be donated to the National Park Foundation.

Note: 1) All swag typically ships separately and all timelines are based on US Domestic shipping via the USPS. 2) In rare cases where the shirt style/color we list is out of stock, the next closest color will automatically be substituted for you. 3) This site is still relatively new. If you have issues, please let us know: support@virtualrunningclub.com 4) If you intend on registering more than one person for this race, please add them to your account BEFORE you register yourself. You can do that in "Profile" once you're logged in. Watch this video to see how this is done.

Shirt Size Charts:
Basic Everyday, Basic Tech 
Premium Everyday - Ladies, Premium Everyday - Tank, Premium Everyday - Men
Premium Tech - Ladies, Premium Tech - Men
Youth - Girls, Youth - Boys

FYI - Registration will open soon for these events: Apollo 9 & 10 training races, Apollo 11 Moon Landing, Apollo 12 training race, Apollo 13 "Overcoming" race, 25th Anniversary of Apollo 13 Movie Release (6/30/20). Those registered for Apollo 8 will get first access to these registrations when they open up.

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