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Frequently Asked Questions

Report your time by claiming/logging into your account

Once you register for any of our races, you will get an email with confirmation and a link to create an account. Here is that link:

Account Login

Let us know if you need help

Text Message: 435-200-5456

New system is here! Previous registrations are still on the old system

While this system is still intact, future races will use our new custom built solution found here:


If you know how to report your time, go for it! If you’re new here, it will probably just be easier for you to email or text us your time and we’ll get it entered for any of these races:

Life Finds A Way Series
Zion Series
Golden Gate Bridge
Gray Jay
I Have A Dream
Victory Run
Run The Wild
The Truth Is Out There
Delicate Arch
Home & Away
National Mall
Grease Lightning
St. Louis Arch

If you’re looking to report your time for the NPS Anniversary or Rudy Race events, you can do that in your account on the new site here:

Step-By-Step Instructions

Watch This Video

In order to qualify for a medal, you must report your time. It doesn’t matter how quickly you ran/walked, we just need you to report. Just like a traditional race, runners have to finish the race to earn a finisher medal.

This brief video shows you how to claim your account and report your time:



Once you register for any of our races, you will get an email with confirmation and a link to create an account. Here is that link:

Account Login

Once there, you will be taken to a screen that looks like the image below. When you first register, be sure to enter the email address that you registered for the race with in the “Create an account” field at the bottom of the page. IMPORTANT – if you registered with more than one runner – only the primary email address that is associated with the billing will be able to access the account. They will need to report the time for all runners that they registered.

NOTE: These screens may look slightly different depending on your device/system.



You will be sent an email with a link to activate your account. Click the button or copy the link and paste it into your web browser.

Activate your account image

When you click the link to “activate your account”, you will be taken to a screen to create a password. Enter your password twice

password image

Once you’re logged in to your account, select “Registrations” at the top of the screen to see the race(s) you’ve registered for

Account screen

Select the race that you wish to enter your time for

choosing a race image

Click the “Edit” button for the runner that you need to report your time for

edit registration image

On race day, enter the time that you ran your race. You can also change which distance you ran if your plans changed.

adding your time

Select the time that you ran

select the right time

Save your time by scrolling to the bottom and selecting “Save”

be sure to save your time

Remember, you can do all of this starting at this page:


Typically, each event has pre-race deadlines for registration. These deadlines vary based on the time of year, production deadlines, and the scope of the event. Please see the specific race in question for specifics on timelines. Generally, all shirts should ship about 2 weeks after the race is complete. Medals have a longer production window and take about 5 weeks. Depending on the event and when you registered, you may get your swag much earlier than this.

There is also a cut-off for how long after a race you can report your time to claim your medal. Under ordinary circumstances, you have about 1 month to report your time before we “close” the race.


Do you have questions not addressed here or on our About Us page? Do you have suggestions for things we forgot to include here or for future races? Let us know!