We have an awesome lineup for 2017! We think you should do them all…

2017 Schedule of Races
Date Race Registration Page Series
1/16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day NPS Fee Free Results
2/20 Presidents Day NPS Fee Free Results
3/1 Yellowstone 145th Birthday NP Birthday Results
3/14 Pi Day Fun Results
3/18 Yo Ho Race Fun Results
4/15-4/23 National Park Week NPS Fee Free Results
4/22 Earth Day NPS Fee Free Results
4/15-4/23 National Park Week & Earth Day Double NPS Fee Free
5/4 International Firefighters Day Honor
5/6 Nurses Day Honor
5/9 Teachers Day Honor
5/11 Glacier National Park 107th Birthday NP Birthday
5/20 Armed Forces Day Military Honor
5/25 Protect/Rule The Galaxy (Star Wars 40th Anniv.) Fun
5/28 John F. Kennedy 100th Birthday Honor
6/9 Surgeon General's Step It Up 5K Fun
June Summer of Love 50th Anniversary Fun
6/15 Great Smoky Mountains National Park 83rd Birthday NP Birthday
6/20 Denali National Park Centennial NP Birthday
7/4 USA @ 241 Fun
7/8 Acadia National Park 101st Birthday NP Birthday
7/12 Henry David Thoreau 200th Birthday Fun
8/21 Total Solar Eclipse Fun
8/25 National Park Service 101st Birthday NPS Fee Free
9/8 Run Long & Prosper (Star Trek) Fun
9/30 Public Lands Day NPS Fee Free
10/1 Yosemite National Park 127th Birthday NP Birthday
10/18 Jungle Book 50th Birthday Fun
10/31 Halloween Hustle Fun
10/31 500th Anniversary of the Reformation (Martin Luther's 95 Theses) Honor
11/11 Veterans Day Military Honor
11/19 Zion National Park 98th Birthday NP Birthday
11/23 Turkey Trot Fun
12/1-12/10 White Elephant Random Run Fun
12/6 Everglades National Park 70th Birthday NP Birthday
12/10 Mississippi 200th Birthday Honor
12/16-12/25 Ugly Sweater Week Fun
12/23 Festivus Fun
12/31/17-1/1/18 Resolution Run Fun
2017 Place Specific
Expected Launch Date Last Day To Report Race Name
5/6 12/1 Arches National Park
5/6 12/1 Yellowstone National Park
5/6 12/1 Central Park
6/6 12/1 Gateway Arch
6/6 12/1 National Mall
6/6 12/1 Golden Gate Bridge

New To Our Races?

6 Steps To Running Our Virtual Races
Step What to do
1. Register for a race & create a free account with Red Podium/Webconnex
2. Run (or walk) a 5K or 10K
Note: You can use any way you choose to record your time and distance. We use the honor system to verify results
3. Report your time by midnight on race day so we can send you a medal and any prizes you win (Report by logging into your account
4. Upload your pics to our Facebook page or to your Twitter/Instagram account with the designated hashtag
5. Check out the results and award winners linked above
6. Repeat!